The Archivio Bonalumi was founded in 2006. It is located in Milano on Viale Stelvio 66. The scope of the Archive is to protect and make the best of Agostino Bonalumi‘s works.

It promotes cultural events, collaborates with experts and participates in the production of monografic or group exhibitions, in public or private spaces, through organizing the loan of works both from its own property or from private collectors. Its responsibility is to archive artwork documentation, historical material, exhibitions and events publications, books, press releases, photographic material and letters. It is in charge of the preservation of such material, which is available for study purposes.

Artwork archival process

To archive and authenticate a piece of artwork it is necessary to provide:

  • 3 photographs of the front (size 18×24 cm, color)
  • 1 photograph of the back
  • a high resolution digital photograph of the front and any documentation available

The archival prices are
300,00 € (VAT not included) for canvas and
150,00 € (VAT not included) for other techniques.

The cost for an expertise of works already archived is 200,00 € (VAT not included).

For further details, please contact the archive.